A course to equip people to become followers of Jesus Christ

“Go and Build Christ’s Church”
Manual 6. Church sacraments and ceremonies

Introduction to the four manuals for group leaders on building Christ’s Church.

Contents of Manual 6.

Lesson 13. Teaching: Christian baptism.

Lesson 14. Bible study: John 5.

Lesson 15. Teaching: The Lord’s Supper.

Lesson 16. Bible study: John 6.

Lesson 17. Teaching: Commissioning church leaders.

Lesson 18. Bible study: John 7.

Lesson 19. Teaching: Christian marriage.

Lesson 20. Bible study: John 8.

Lesson 21. Teaching: Christian funeral.

Lesson 22. Bible study: John 9.

Lesson 23. Teaching: Human culture and the kingdom of God culture.

Lesson 24. Bible study: John 10.

Supplement 4. The practice of Christian baptism.

Supplement 5. The Passover festival and the Lord’s Supper.

Supplement 6. Women workers in the congregation.

Supplement 7. The relationship to living parents.

Supplement 8. The relationship to departed ancestors.